Heavenly-st 0.0.1

Create lists and organize activities


  • Expandable and collapsible nodes
  • Assign icons to entries
  • Export data as a text file


  • No online publishing facility


We all need a little organisation in our lives in order to make sure we are where we're supposed to be and that we don't miss important events. If you're fed up with forgetting things all the time then you could do worse than install Heavenly-st, which promises to look after all your tasks and appointments, helping you stay on top of what you're doing from your handheld.

The application lets you quickly create different lists of events and build categories in which to store them. Moving lists between categories and viewing everything is even easier thaks to the inclusion of a nodes system for viewing the hierarchy. All you really need to do is create an article, then assign a name and jot down a brief description before applying an icon in order to differentiate it from the rest of the entries.

There's an option for exporting the data as a text file, although it would've been nice if the developer had included an option for publishing your tasks and appointments directly to the web in case you're out and about without your Pocket PC device.

Nevertheless, Hevenly-st provides a convenient way of keeping on top of all your tasks and appointments from the palm of your hand.

Heavenly-st allows you to simply create lists of all the events and tasks in your personal and professional life, helping you to keep track of them more easily. This simple program is a powerful tool in order not to forget anything.


  • Easy to use
  • Create different levels in your lists
  • Move items up and down
  • Expand or collapse nodes with one click
  • Ability to store description for each item
  • Option to assign icons to list and items
  • Assign check boxes to track completed items
  • Export the lists to text file for external manipulation
  • Protect your information with a backup and restore tool



Heavenly-st 0.0.1

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